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OBaby ZeZu Multi Tandem Kit (Black)

OBaby ZeZu Multi Tandem Kit (Black)
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The OBaby ZeZu Multi Tandem Kit turns the OBaby ZeZu Multi in to a tandem to accommodate two children.

When one becomes two the OBaby ZeZu Multi offers flexible and versatile travel options for two children. The unique ZeZu Multi Tandem Kit gives the option of adding a toddler seat or ride on board to the rear of your ZeZu.

The toddler seat is suitable from 6 months to 15kg and with a 5 point safety harness your toddler’s safety is assured. The ride on board provides the perfect solution for tired toddlers who would normally walk. With an easy to attach padded support bar your child will have something to hold on to for extra support whilst they rest their legs.

Contains toddler seat, ride on board, support bar, mud guards and adaptors
Toddler seat is suitable from 6 months to 15kg
5 point safety harness
Ride on board includes padded support bar
All quick and easy to remove
Mudguards to prevent spray and protect toddler
Adaptors to lift pramette seat unit to accommodate different travel options
Wipe clean fabrics
OBaby ZeZu Multi Pramette available to purchase separately

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