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Hi, I just had a phone call from a very helpful lady to say the footmuff i ordered was out of stock but you have the normal obaby footmuff in black as an alternative. I would like to go ahead and have this one instead please as it is suitable for the buggy i have bought thank you very much. R Kelly

Water Resistant Playmat - Colour Choices Available

Water Resistant Playmat - Colour Choices Available
# 110
Product ID: 3731
£ 12.95

A wonderful big bright play mat with a water resistant backing. Ideal for under the high chair, rolling around without a nappy on, or for picnics on damp grass. For a stand by bedtime-under-sheet whilst junior isn’t quite trained, Super sized 60” x 40”.   

  • You can never have enough of these baby playmats.
  • The quality is excellent and will serve for many years.
  • Easy wash and tumble dry.
  • Keep one in the car. Ideal for use as a back seat protector and can even be used for pets and muddy paws.
  • When visiting friends always have your playmat handy to use on their floor, especially if they have pets.

Choose from 4 colours:

  • Choose red fossil, blue fossil, blue gingham or pink dotty.  Pink dotty is coral pink with white dots on it. ( Please set the required colour in your shopping basket )


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