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Airwrap Deluxe 4 Sided Cot Protector

Airwrap Deluxe 4 Sided Cot Protector
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Airwrap is a cot protector that, thanks to its breathable mesh fabric, is safer than an ordinary cot bumper. Padded but covered with a special mesh fabric, Airwrap protects baby from bumps and knocks but also helps lower the risk of night time overheating.

* Air wrap deluxe combines the impressive benefits of Air wrap Mesh with that of a traditional cot bumper
* Air wrap have created a world first multi-layered and patented technology
incorporating superior padding, a natural and breathable cot environment with a
delightful quilted appearance
*Combining a hi-tech, super-padded, breathable, three dimensional inner-
meshes with a soft, breathable, natural cotton outer layer. This makes Air wrap
Deluxe the most deluxe breathable-bumper solution available
* No loose Dacron fibres, (the material used in normal cot bumpers)
* Lower risk of climbing
* Fits secure with \'easy- fit\' grip tape

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