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Babymule Bag - Red / Grey

Babymule Bag - Red / Grey
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The Ultimate in Changing Bag luxury, the Babymule is everything you want in a bag and much more too. Its so stylish, beautifully made, functional and roomy!!

Babymule: wear it as backpack, sling it over your shoulder as a messenger, or clip it to your buggy.

All straps tuck seamlessly away. 180degree zips mean no more rummaging, poppers and nets keep everything in place, 6 secure pockets to organise your things.

Every Babymule Bag Contains:-
Neoprene Bottle Warmer/Cooler
Wipe Clean Dirty Bag
Changing Pouch for Nappies and Wipes
Padded wipe Clean Mat
Wipe clean luxurious fabric is water resistant

Babymule can even go through the washing machine (delicates) if it has been thoroughly soiled.

Designed with padded back & airflow system, padded straps, gunmetal components, branded zippers and embroidered logo. High quality fabric and robust manufacture means Babymule is built to last; from newborn through toddlerdom and beyond; enough room for siblings and parents' things.

Babymule is made for the growing family.

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