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Was very nervous about buying online but 1st Baby Shop put my mind at rest and made it a very easy experience, I will definately use them again. Emily, Lincolnshire.

Little Bamboo Organic Pram Baby Blanket

Little Bamboo Organic Pram Baby Blanket
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Baby friendly and eco-friendly, Little Bamboo is a truly innovative range of ultra soft and beautiful nursery linen. Made from the yarn of Bamboo grass fibre, Little Bamboo is a truly modern and environmentally supportive alternative to Cotton.

Bamboo grass has been used to make fibres for thousands of years and turning the fibre into yarn has been around for over 100 years. The Little Bamboo range is the result of extensive research and development resulting in a range that is both incredibly functional and extremely aesthetic. Some of the products in this range are made from 100% organically grown Bamboo and some are a combination of Cotton and Bamboo but in all cases when compared to 100% Cotton products the Bamboo fibres produce products are super soft on the skin, are up to 2° warmer in the winter, have increased wicking properties making them more efficiently absorbent, are breathable and so less susceptible to odours, improve with washing rather than deteriorate, are up to 2° cooler in the summer and are naturally anti-bacterial.

Bamboo is a positive impact organically grown plantation that requires no pesticide and little water to grow. It's a very renewable resource.

A delicate and soft blanket that is surprisingly heavy in feel. Made using 100% Bamboo (excluding trim), this blanket has an attractive drape and is equally desirable as a blanket or wrap. A luxurious, cuddle for your baby.

Size: 100 x 85cm
Properties: 100% Bamboo with Cotton trim

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