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Swim Nappies

Swim Nappies
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Holidays and swimming time. Make sure you are ready for swimming with all the right equipment. First and foremost is the swim nappy. The Mother and Baby 'Gold award' Winner 1998/99. The swim nappy is not just a swimming costume - its primary design is protect any little 'accidents' escaping into the pool. Mandatory in many health clubs and local pools the swim nappy saves many an embarrassing moment.
The excellent adjustable leg opening fit and high back waistband are the best design to retain solids. Fastened with Velcro tabs and an extra tie bow (to ensure little ones do not strip off in public). The colours are vibrant. Made with a very light rip-stop fabric so it can snag or rip it is quick to dry. However, no baby should ever be left in a wet costume so do have a spare to change into after swimming whilst enjoying the beach or poolside.  Most of all, enjoy the swimming time with your baby, now you too can relax and concentrate on the pleasures of relaxing in the water.

  • Colours: Red, Green, Blue Boats, Pink Mermaid and Turquoise Fish.
  • Sizes 0-6 months, 3-6 kgs
  • 6-12 months, 6-11 kgs
  • 12-18 months 11-18 kgs and
  • 18-24months. 16-24 kgs.


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