What Halloween Costume to Choose To Be Original

Nothing is better than having a fine balance between traditions and innovation. So when it comes to such event as Halloween approaches you can traditionally have fun wearing nice innovative costumes. Thus a unique or innovative costume will make your child look original and stand out from the crowd. Meaning that, your little treasure is not going to be one of the many spider men or Cinderella’s at the ball. However the character he or she represents should be is famous and loved. Let us look at several such Halloween costumes and point out all their advantages.

Princess Leia

This princess is one of the most loved film protagonists from the Star Wars trilogy. Played by Carrie Fisher in the film, the character captured hearts not only of little girls but boys as well. She is brave and courageous and good to look at. She helps her people and struggles for their independence and for better lives for them. So if your daughter wants to be Leia it means that your girl is kind-hearted, gritty and patriotic. Don’t be surprised if it turns out later that she has a rebel nature, it’s often in the genes. The costume is not complicated at all as it consists of a headpiece with two lovely side buns, a white long robe and a belt. This simple but nice fancy dress is especially admirable on a little lovely girl.

Darth Vader

Being a central character of the popular Star Wars saga, Darth Vader has scored a great success and has become an extremely arresting personality for all children. His really unique helmet and breath (pant) made him extremely mysterious and enigmatic. He is brave dark and physically strong, he is a dark hero who can wield a sword skillfully. In spite of the fact that the character is notorious and is devoted to the dark side (dark side of the Force) he is a character many boys want to be like. Don’t worry they just want to look cool in black wearing the helmet and scaring the ambience with imitating the breathtaking breath. Such costumes for toddlers usually consist of a headpiece, romper and a cape. A helmet that looks like the real one comes with costume however is intended only for bigger children or teenagers.

What about “Yoda”?

A very simple costume for toddlers is Yoda, they look funny and so sweet in it. It consists of only a greenish headpiece with two ears and white hooded robe and makes the little ones look absolutely charming. This will make people really remember Yoda and the popular quote “Size matters not”.

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