Tandems And Side By Side Pushchairs

When speaking about double pushchairs people often mean baby strollers for twins however this is not quite what they are. Double buggies are very popular among parents who are lucky to have two little children; little enough to have long walks without prams and so close in age. Thus two seat strollers are just ticket and the way out; the smallest baby sits on the front seat while the bigger one takes a comfortable seat behind at the back of the double stroller. Moreover the rear position is a bit higher that gives the bigger child a better view, so the baby can see everything that is in front looking over the forward seat. Thus everybody is in full view, happy and comfy.

Graco Stadium Duo Tandem Stroller with apronThis kind of double pushchairs come with different gadgets such as a transparent vinyl sunroof that protects your kid’s eyes from the direct rays and allows him or her to observe its surroundings more easily. There are also many other features designed to make your little ones more comfortable. This type of double pushchair is called Tandem. The only problem you may face is that your tandem can be quite heavy to tilt when loaded with two children however it is the best way out if you are a parent to an older child and baby. In addition being a three-wheeler this type of stroller is much easier to manoeuvre through doorways and very sturdy.

Another style of twin pushchair which is very popular and often seen in the streets is the side by side one. This model varies in design and ideal for twin babies or toddlers. They are foldable and often come with a retractable hood. Adjustability of the seats allows the changing of them separately; it means that one of your babies can be sleeping while the other is wide awake and in an upright position. Some models have even 5 different seat positions thus your both babies will be always comfy. Each seat has a shopping basket underneath which is easily accessible except when the position is flat and the baby is sleeping.
FIRST WHEELS CITY TWIN DOUBLE PUSHCHAIR STROLLERThough side by side models are perfect for twins and are very easy to maneuver due to their construction and design you may find it rather difficult to tilt them indoors and push through store aisles because of the lack of space. So here is where you may tend to run into problems. Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that you have to get used to hold your arms and hands in a wider position as the weight in this type of twin pushchair is spread on both sides, not in the centre. When purchasing any type of double stroller it is advisable to check if the chosen pushchair is going to fit in the boot of your car if you have one. Measure the stroller when it is folded up and see that it matches the size of the boot. Also consider the weight of your double buggy since the weight of two babies is going to be added to it, so lifting onto buses and so on with them in will be nearly impossible.

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  1. I am the very proud granny of twin grandaughters (now 3) My daughter chose side by side and I found her chosen model very easy to manoeuvre. She chose one with separate carry cots so she was able to lift the babies individually in them. The babies faced her when they were in the carry cots and then when she converted it to a puashchair they faced the way they were going.

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