Let’S Choose The Best Crib For Your Baby

If you made up your mind to sleep together with your baby in an adult bed, then your child has no need of a baby cot at all. To make your baby’s and your sleep sound and safe we suggest have to follow these suggestions:

  • Your bed should have a hard enough mattress (it should not be weighed down very much)
  • There should be no pillow for the baby or any pillows lying around your bed to avoid chances of the baby being suffocated.
  • The place assigned for the baby should be made with a clean blanket.
  • As there are chances of the baby rolling and falling down the bed, your bed should have a side or put the baby to sleep near the wall.

When your baby grows up and you decide to sleep apart, you can buy a standard bed with a detachable side. Having his or her own bed, the child feels independent and the baby’s sleep is sound and without any oppression.

Obaby Lily Cot

How to choose a crib?

If sleeping together with your baby is not acceptable for you for one reason or another, then, probably, you’ll need some orthopedic recommendations or some advice from experienced mothers. They can help you to make a good choice of baby cots, mattresses or other baby beddings.

What should you take into consideration while choosing a cot?


Materials which are used for a cot should be natural (solid wood or veneer), without any paint or lacquer coating. Some cots have silicone casing on the upper plank; teething children often use this silicone as a teething ring.


A safe bed should not have pointed surfaces or splinters or any other parts which can be easily broken off and swallowed. If it is a cradle it should have a position when it is still. And if the cot has any locks which lock the cot position, make sure that they are dependable and work properly. The baby must not be able to undo the locks.


It is very convenient when a cot has two bed levels. When the child is little the bed can be lifted a bit higher and you won’t have to bend down very low while putting the baby to sleep. When the child is able to stand up the bed can be lower to avoid them toppling down while standing.

Saplings White Glider Crib,Mattress & Blue Bedding Set

Bed sides

It is very convenient if one of the cot sides can be lowered easily and moreover noiselessly in order not to wake up the sleeping baby. If one of the cot sides is completely lowered or taken off and attached to the parents’ bed a mother does not have to stand up to feed her baby by night. Suffice it to move the baby up to you and after feeding put the baby back in the cot. When the child grows bigger you can take off the cot side for the child to be able to get out of the cot independently.

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